Career Highlights:

RAVISENT Technologies, Inc.

Quality Assurance and Documentation Manager, Consumer Electronics Division

Ultimately responisible for all aspects of testing, validating, and documenting the embedded DVD decoder software. Responsible for analyzing and identifying decoder, navigation, front panel, remote control, and user interface errors. Performed functional, stress, regression, and integration tests on these elements. Contributed to correcting errors in the decoder core. Wrote user documentation and training materials. Defect tracking database administrator. Wrote the online help system for one of the PC Division's software DVD players (HTML).

The Consumer Electronics Division produced a software DVD decoder that was embedded in "set-top" DVD players, portable DVD players, and car navigation units. The decoder core, front panel, and remote control interface were written in C++ (Microsoft Visual C++). User interfaces were developed in a proprietary derivative of C++ ("User Interface Control Language"). All development was done in a Windows NT environment, and ultimately programmed into and executed on DVD playback devices running the STi 5505 microprocessor.

Gambro Healthcare

Software Test Lead

Designed, documented, and executed regression, functional, stress, performance, system integration, external system interface, and future date test cases. Designed and created the supporting test data. Exclusively responsible for writing queries to verify test results and data integrity during testing (SQL). Supervised user acceptance testing. Maintained the defect tracking database.

The Blood Component Technology division of Gambro Healthcare manufactured dialysis machines. Every aspect of the manufacturing process was computerized and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The receiving and accounts payable segments of the system ran on a Unix platform, using an Oracle database, and interfaced with the primary manufacturing process software through nightly batch processing.


Software Tester

Exclusively responsible for designing, writing, and executing all regression, functional, stress, and future date test cases for Year 2000 Compliance validation of the payroll system. Participated in creating and maintaining JCL to run the test cases for batch processing. Wrote and executed queries to verify the integrity of the data as testing progressed (SQL). Exclusively responsible for setting up the test environment and verifying the installation (DB2 tables, VSAM files, GDGs, flat files, and JCL). Participated in maintaining the defect tracking database. MCI relied heavily upon COBOL applications running on IBM mainframes.

The United States Olympic Committee

Graphic Artist, Development Division

Created electronic versions of the standard USOC logos for use in licensing and sponsorship, leading up to the 1992 Games in Albertville and Barcelona. Participated in approving sponsor and licensee print advertising.

InfoPC (IDG Communications France)

Test Lab Director

Part of the three-person team who created France's first microcomputer software and hardware testing laboratory. Responsible for selecting and acquiring products to be tested, designing test criteria, creating test suites, conducting tests, and writing the results for publication. The lab was inspired by InfoPC's sister publication, InfoWorld, and did similar work. The Test Lab section of the magazine eventually represented one-third of the content, and tripled circulation.

InfoPC Édition PC Forum (IDG Communications France)

Production Assistant

While Test Lab Director at InfoPC, participated in the first year the PC Forum trade show newspaper was produced exclusively using desktop publishing technology. The newspaper was produced through film on-site. Rank Xerox provided the necessary hardware and software. InfoPC provided the staff and expertise. Co-ordinated equipment needs with Rank Xerox prior to the show. Exclusively responsible for problem solving, Linotype imagesetter output and film development during the show. Participated in edits. The PC Forum is the annual computer trade show in France, roughly equivalent to the Consumer Electronics Association show in the US.

Smith Barney, Harris Upham, and Co.


Established the first electronic data connection between the Paris bureau, and the home office in New York. Designed and implement protocols for the various tasks the data connection was used for. Installed the necessary hardware and software components. Provided user training and problem solving services.

The American University of Paris

Student Programmer

Contributed to applications for the Office of Student Affairs, and the Office of the Registrar. The University had many database applications that were developed in-house in COBOL on a Harris 800.

Data General Europe


Contributed to the Comprehensive Electronic Office II and IV applications. Primarily responsible for writing the user interface of an electronic Telex transmittal and reception system that was part of CEO. The system was written in PL/1, on a Data General Eclipse MV/10.

The American University of Paris

Student Programmer

Wrote device drivers and graphics primitives for the GINO-F graphics library being developped by Harris Semiconductor. All work was done in FORTRAN and Harris Assembler, on a Harris 800.

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